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The National In-Country Value ICV Certificate journey to empower the industry sector | Assist Plus.

Updated: Mar 15

The strategic objectives behind UAE implementing the National In-Country Value Program, ICV certification can be summarised into six main objectives:

  1. The UAE aims to localize the supply chain.

  2. To create high-value jobs in the privet sector.

  3. Support the economic diversification and growth of the GDP.

  4. Increase private sector contribution to GDP

  5. Attract direct foreign investments and,

  6. Incentivize spending on research & development and advanced technology.

Strategic localization of supply chains

Obtaining the ICV certification, the ICV provides access to ICV-linked incentives for local suppliers by:

  1. Increasing the chances of winning the procurement tenders.

  2. Opportunities to partner with multinational firms.

  3. Provide new business growth for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

  4. Promote local companies and the quality of local products.

  5. Increase the demand for local products and services.

ICV - Benefits to participating entities

Direct benefits of the ICV to participating entities are:

  1. Ensure business continuity and expands the variety of local supply option.

  2. Supports localization of value chains which enhances UAE's industrial self-sufficiency.

  3. Provide access to local supplies saving money and time.

  4. Increase local suppliers' contribution to the national growth of the GDP.

As a potential partner and supplier to the government, the ICV certificate examines your value-added contribution in the areas of:

Local manufacturing - Procurement of third-party goods and services - Local investment and it is Growth - Emiratization of workforce - Expatriate contribution and generation of income from outside the UAE.

For more information on the ICV program or how to obtain the ICV certificate, read our FAQ page or get in touch with us today.

  • Abu Dhabi: +971 (2) 641 6751

  • Dubai & Northern Emirates: +971 (4) 458 0049

  • Whatsapp: +971 (50) 336 9459

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