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The Abu Dhabi Electric Tariff Incentive Program – ETIP Certification.

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Acquire Your Electric Tariff Incentive Program – ETIP Certification by Assist Plus.

Assist Plus is one of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Development Bureau of the Department of Economic Development approved empaneled certifying bodies for the Electric Tariff Incentive Program – ETIP.

The objective behind implementing the Abu Dhabi Electric Tariff Incentive Program is to foster competitiveness and investments in the emirate. Creating the first option for industrial companies with a high level of automation, productivity, and economic impact by boosting industrial facilities' productivity level, enhancing their economic impact and improving energy efficiency.

Providing Premier Services for ETIP Certification Body in Abu Dhabi

Our professional auditors, financial advisors and analysts possess an in-depth knowledge of the country's economic status, industrial marketplace and the UAE's policies which allows our team members to quickly evaluate the aspects that entail the possibility of the procurement of an ETIP certificate body. Therefore, this certification will strengthen your company's financial position, offering more value, so it is recommended to acquire yours as soon as possible.

We strive hard to make the engagement smooth, compliant, and convenient for our client companies, ensuring that you do not face any challenge or hassle during the entire procedure. Our team members go out of their way to quickly resolve any issue while providing tailor-made solutions to ensure that you receive your ETIP certification in little turnaround time.

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Assist Plus a leading ETIP certifying body in Abu Dhabi