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The National In-Country Value (ICV) Program To Boost UAE Economic Performance

Welcome to Assist Plus, your trusted partner for ICV Certification in Dubai. We empower suppliers to make a significant impact on the local economy through our comprehensive ICV certification services. By becoming certified, suppliers gain access to high-ICV score projects, driving growth and sustainability.

As an accredited Certifying Body in Dubai and the northern emirates, appointed by the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT), Assist Plus plays a pivotal role in your journey towards achieving National In-Country Value (ICV) recognition.

The In-Country Value Certificate in Dubai is a critical assessment for private sector manufacturers and service providers aspiring to participate in government tenders within the UAE. This certification affirms a company's legal standing in the market and its dedication to bolstering the country's GDP through local sourcing, Emiratization, and active participation in the private sector.

A thriving economy hinges on responsible spending. The In-Country Value Program (ICV) in the UAE fosters local content production, ensuring a sustainable economic landscape. This program seeks to align government procurement practices with economic goals set by legislation, visions, strategies, and plans.

Our seasoned team of ICV auditors possesses profound knowledge of the UAE's industrial landscape. This enables us to swiftly evaluate the potential for ICV certification, enhancing your company's financial standing and overall value. We strongly recommend obtaining your certification promptly.

We're committed to delivering a seamless, compliant, and convenient experience for our client companies. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to swiftly address any challenges, offering tailored solutions to ensure a swift ICV certification process.

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Assist Plus is a leading ICV auditor I Dubai selected by the UAE ministry of industry and advance technology to carry out the in-country value certification assessment for Dubai and the Northern emirates.

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