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It is our customers that we take pride off.

Our Success Stories

We prided ourselves on having worked closely and successfully with various sectors and industries and met and exceeded our client's high expectations. As a result, we form ongoing lasting relationships with our clients and consider ourselves an extension to their sustainability and growth. 


We work with clients of all scopes, whether you are a start-up, emerging, SME, corporate, not-for-profit organisation, or an NGO. We are trusted by the local market and know our quality of service, business integrity, and transparency from start-ups to multinationals. Find out how Assist Plus can drive actionable insights and streamline workflows so you can deliver results. Our clients include a variety of industries:

  • Local & Federal Government

  • Banking, Finance Insurance

  • Retail, Distribution & Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Education & Health 

Some of our clients that we successfully served are:

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Our Customers2.png
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