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Looking to obtain the ICV certification for your business?

As a trusted ICV Certifying Body appointed by the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT), we have a proven track record of helping numerous private sector businesses in the UAE achieve their ICV certification in the past year.

By partnering with Assist Plus, you can enhance your business reputation, instil confidence in your investors, and contribute to business growth. Choose Assist Plusfor your ICV assessment today and take the first step towards comprehensive business excellence.

ICV Questionnaire

Request ICV quote for your business:

Over the past 12 months, we have evaluated and assisted numerous private business owners in obtaining their ICV certificates in the UAE. Through our reliable process, we understand the importance of obtaining an ICV Certificate in a timely manner and are dedicated to meeting all requirements.

Nature of business
Entity is based in which emirate?
Type of Activities undertaken by the entity
Is your financial statement prepared separately for the entity?
Is there any qualifications / modifications in the Auditors report? If Yes, please provide the details below:
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