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We UNDERSTAND the significance Tax plays on our client's wealth and place an enormous emphasis on Tax Planning to manage their overall tax position

Assist Plus a trusted TAX advisor for your VAT - commitments in UAE.

Assist Plus is one of the registered TAX agents, authorized by the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

TAN 30003628. As a leading Tax consultant in UAE we offer a range of VAT related services such as:

  1. Agents and representation

  2. Registration

  3. Compliance review

  4. Filing & declaration

  5. Refund and waiver services

Get Expert VAT advisory in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

At Assist Plus, our team tax advisors will work with you to help manage your company's shift to the regulatory framework, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal impairment and cost to your logistics and operations. 


As your tax consultants in UAE, we will work with you to identify goods and services for which VAT is applicable and assist you in claiming back VAT for goods and services exempt from the VAT. 

Our VAT services allow businesses to fully comply with UAE's new legislation and financial framework while implementing a streamlined and scalable process within their organisations.

Let us get you registered for VAT

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