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We know every business is unique and that's why we offer tailored services rather than out-of-the-box solutions


Assist Plus is among the top accounting and bookkeeping service providers in Abu Dhabi and the northern emirate. With a team of certified professionals and one of the prominent firms in UAE.

Accounting can sometimes represent a challenge for companies of all sizes. Accountants in the UAE who can understand the day to day operations of your business, as well as the broader context formed by your industry and its place in the market, can be the difference between success and failure. Our in-depth knowledge and decades of collective experience in UAE and accounting and booking across multiple industries makes Assist Plus the ideal partner for your accounting and bookkeeping requirements in Abu Dhabi.

The importance of understanding your business' accounts cannot be understated and is frequently cited by business journals as a way of 'keeping score' of your business operations. Small businesses in particular benefit from understanding profitability and other financial metrics related to their activities. This vital business intelligence can provide valuable context for business decision making.

As a business owner, don’t agree with normality aim for a more robust state and healthier of your financial position. A competitive advantage can is gained when business financial performance is accurate, reliable and reported promptly. Right solutions are available to support and make the right decisions to increase their profitability and sustainability.

Assist Plus Complete Accounting Services

We provide our accounting and bookkeeping services with the Value-Added Tax (VAT) Law as applicable in the UAE and applicable accounting standards. Our services comprise of:



  1. Preparation of books of accounts according to accounting standards and practices.

  2. Preparation of schedules to support the entries made in books of accounts. 

  3. Organization, maintenance and preparation of auditable accounting records.

  4. Prepare Management reports and analysis as per the requirements of management.

  5. Preparation of monthly profit and loss report.

  6. Preparation of balance sheet containing listing of assets and liabilities.

  7. Reporting management on daily activities as required by the management.

  8. Other ad hoc accounting related work from time to time.



  1. Registration and deregistration 

  2. Creation of a chart of accounts that will comply with the requirements of VAT law.

  3. Advising a flow of transactions to ensure compliance with VAT Law.

  4. Guiding routine accounting activities on the matter relating to the application of VAT.

  5. Performing a monthly review of books of accounts for the VAT's impact, appropriate VAT calculations and classification and recommending adjustments if needed.

  6. Filing the VAT return as per the timeframe approved by Authority and as mentioned in tax certificate

We will maintain your books of accounts on an online cloud accounting software subscribed by you. The system features:


  • Safeguards and encryption to keep your data private and protected.

  • Enables you to make better decisions faster with your financial data on-hand at all times. See info like bank balances and transactions, for a more up-to-date and accurate view of your business.

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Packages

 Services Covered:

  • Trial Balance - Monthly

  • Leadgers  Banks Reconciliations  - Monthly

  • Accounting Reporting - Monthly

  • Balance Sheet + Profit & Loss

  • Cashflow Statement Monthly

  • VAT Computing and Filling

  • VAT Advisory

  • Annual Forecastes/Budgeting

  • ICV Certification

  • Online Bookkeeping & Accoutning Softeware

  • Online Dashbaord

  • Management Meeting

Up to 100

monthly transactions

On Request*

From 151 to  500  monthly transactions

On Request*

From 501 to  1200  monthly transactions

On Request*

 From 1201 plus

monthly transactions


Package -4

Package -3

Package -2

Package -1


* A separate proposal and quote will be provided

Dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what really matters.