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The National In-Country Value (ICV) Program Focus On UAE Export.

At Assist Plus, we proudly serve as your dedicated ICV auditor, extending ICV certification services in Sharjah and the northern emirates. Certified suppliers gain access to projects with commendable ICV scores, solidifying their contribution to the local economy. We are honored to be empanelled as a Certifying Body by the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT), affirming our integral role in your pursuit of National In-Country Value (ICV).


Empowering Economic Growth through ICV Certification

The ICV certificate, recognized and sanctioned by federal governing bodies of the UAE, semi-governing authorities, and relevant bodies in the northern emirates, is a testament to a company's legal standing and its commitment to fortifying the nation's GDP. This is achieved through the sourcing of local goods and services, fostering Emiratization, and active involvement in the private sector.

Our distinguished team of auditors, financial advisors, and analysts possess a profound understanding of the UAE's economic landscape, industrial marketplace, and pertinent policies in Sharjah and the northern emirates. This expertise allows us to swiftly evaluate the prerequisites for securing the ICV certification. Acquiring this certification is a strategic move that elevates your company's financial standing, adding substantial value to your operations.

A Seamless Journey to ICV Certification

We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless, compliant, and hassle-free experience for our valued clients in Sharjah and the northern emirates. Our team goes above and beyond to promptly address any challenges, offering tailored solutions to expedite your ICV certification process.

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Assist Plus is a leading ICV auditor I Dubai selected by the UAE ministry of industry and advance technology to carry out the in-country value certification assessment for Dubai and the Northern emirates.

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