Being successful in debt collection is having 1001 answers to a 1000 excuses

Simply No Win, No Fee, we make the impossible possible in 95% of the cases.  Companies are often not aware that if debtors are not chased in time the chance that the debts are collectable becomes smaller as time increases. In fact, research shows that for every year that the debtor does not pay the success rate of being able to collect the debt drops by 30%. This is why it is important to start the debt collection activities as soon as possible. As an experienced partner, Assist Plus can offer many benefits in assisting you in this process. 

Likelihood collectability based on the age of a debt:

When to send your cases for debt collection
We are often asked when it is the best time to forward a case for collection. It’s simple; as soon as your gut feeling tells you to do so (you know your clients best) and preferably before the case hits an age of 180 days/6 months. This way you minimize the chances of not recovering the debt.

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As an experienced debt collection specialist, with an average success rate of 95
Successful debt collection
% we can say that our debt collection methods work. We know how to recognize and handle excuses for not paying and which buttons to push to make debtors pay.

Knowing the effectiveness of our debt collection service, we challenge you to experience what Assist Plus as a successful debt collection agency can do for your company.


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