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Why understanding Financial Statements is important as a business owner

Updated: 2 days ago

Financial Statements is important as a business owner

Trying to make sense of your financial statements might seem a bit challenging for business owners as the day to day operations occupies most of your time and energy, yet ignoring the financial information is not an option in the business world.

Financial statements comprise the balance sheet, profit and loss (income) statement, and cash flow report. These statements help to uncover financial and operational difficulties and identify the corrective action.

1) The Balance Sheet: is a list of the accumulated assets and liabilities incurred by the business. The difference between the two represents the net worth of the company.

2) The profit and loss answer the question, “How did we do?” and

3) The cash-flow statement answers the question, “Where was the cash used?”

Understanding these statements is crucial since they all tell you what’s happened in the past. But more important from a management perspective is what’s going to happen in the future. Therefore, developing both a profit and loss forecast and a cash-flow forecast is essential to making the historical data more meaningful.

With a forecast in place, you’ll have the ability to get data (via your financial statements) that tells you how you did compare with your plan. You should also be able to figure out what went wrong and how to correct any problems.


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