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Case Study: Louvre Abu Dhabi Assets Count and Tagging Validation

Client Overview

Louvre Abu Dhabi, a prestigious cultural institution in the United Arab Emirates, sought our expertise for a comprehensive Assets Count and Tagging Validation assignment. The Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, known for its world-class art collections, required a meticulous assessment of its assets and validation of the tagging system.

The Challenge

In addition to the everyday office assets and equipment, the main challenge was to conduct a thorough count and validation of diverse assets spanning various categories, including artefacts of paintings, sculptures, and historical objects. The museum's extensive collection demanded a precise and efficient approach to ensure accuracy in asset management.


  • Conduct a detailed count of all museum assets.

  • Validate the existing tagging system to ensure accurate categorization and documentation.

  • Implement a streamlined process to enhance future asset tracking and management.


  1. Pre-assessment Planning: Collaborated with Louvre Abu Dhabi staff to understand the museum's unique requirements and critical objectives.

  2. Technology Integration: Implemented advanced technology solutions, such as RFID and barcode scanning, to facilitate the efficient tracking of assets.

  3. Systematic Asset Count: Executed a systematic count of all museum assets, employing experts in different art forms.

  4. Tagging Validation: Scrutinized the existing tagging system to identify discrepancies and ensure alignment with international standards.

  5. Documentation Enhancement: Updated and enriched the asset documentation to include additional details and historical context.

Louvre Abu Dhabi adds rare Rembrandt to


  1. Accurate Asset Count: Completed a precise count of all museum assets, providing Louvre Abu Dhabi with an up-to-date inventory.

  2. Tagging Validation: Identified and rectified discrepancies in the tagging system, ensuring accurate categorization and improved asset tracking.

  3. Efficient Documentation: Enhanced the documentation process, enabling the museum to access detailed information about each asset contributing to better preservation and curation efforts.

  4. Streamlined Processes: Implemented streamlined processes for ongoing asset management, incorporating technology to facilitate easy tracking and updates.


  1. Louvre Abu Dhabi now possesses an accurate and updated inventory of its vast collection.

  2. Improved efficiency in asset management, leading to better preservation and curation practices.

  3. Enhanced visitor experience with accurate information available through improved tagging and documentation.


Our collaboration with Louvre Abu Dhabi in the Assets Count and Tagging Validation project exemplifies our commitment to precision, technology integration, and excellence in museum asset management. The successful outcomes contributed to Louvre Abu Dhabi's continued legacy as a global cultural institution.

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