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Case Study: Financial Transformation for Al Reem Group

Client Overview

Al Reem Group, a prominent UAE national brand specializing in alternative investments, operates at the forefront of non-traditional and innovative business practices. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the group, comprising ten subsidiaries, spans diverse sectors such as information technology, e-commerce, construction, capital investment, transportation, general maintenance, engineering, and business consultancy. In response to the evolving technological landscape, Al Reem Group sought strategic financial guidance to adapt to rapid changes and solidify its growth trajectory.

The Challenge

As one of Abu Dhabi's fastest-growing companies, Al Reem Group needed CFO advisory services to ensure precise and credible financial reporting. Founder and Chairman Engineer Saif Al Sayari sought to enhance financial visibility, understand the company's cash requirements and position, and plan for future growth and associated capital needs. The unique challenge stemmed from the traditionally hierarchical family structure, where outside leadership roles, including CFOs, were uncommon as long as family ventures remained profitable.

"We had issues, but with your expertise, we overcame them and managed to meet our customers' expectations," said Engineer Saif Al Sayari, founder and chairman.


Assist Plus took on the role of CFO for Al Reem Group, addressing the challenges that stemmed from a cash-based accounting system and a lack of financial forecasting. The approach included:

  1. Conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis and fostering alignment on long-term goals among the owners.

  2. Transitioning the accounting system to an accrual basis, preparing the company for discussions with lenders, investors, and auditors.

  3. Providing training and coaching to in-house talent on accrual accounting.

  4. Designing a financial forecast to project revenue, costs, and cash flow.

  5. Offering a monthly financial package, comparing results to forecast and budget, and explaining related variances.

  6. Establishing new financial reporting mechanisms to track growth and profitability by business segment.

  7. Facilitating critical introductions to deal-related contacts, including a law firm, valuation firm, and investment bank.

The Results

The transformational efforts resolved key structural issues that had previously hindered the company's attractiveness to investors. In-house talent was trained and developed to elevate financial record-keeping, reporting, and sustainable systems. The awareness of the company's financial performance and position increased significantly.

The successful exit, facilitated by a well-aligned strategic partner, allowed the company founders to continue operating autonomously, marking a pivotal achievement in Al Reem Group's journey.

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