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Our cloud-based "Business Intelligence Tool" enables you to turn your business financial information into powerful insights for growth and opportunities

Our cloud-based "Business Intelligence Tool" enables you to turn your business financial information into powerful insights for growth and opportunities for your transformation journey. The tool we will add value that will help in your future success with its innovative cloud offering that allows you to proactively bring one of the best cloud eco-systems in the marketplace.


The Automation and efficiency that the tool brings will create a time saving and focus on your business's value-adding exchanges. It's simply future focus infotech solution that you don't want to miss the growth and success of your business as a business owner.


So if you think of the most challenging thing that you've ever faced in terms of your company finances as an entrepreneur business owner, maybe dealing with your cash management or implementing financial systems and technologies. Imagine Assist Plus as that financial organisation that can jump in and solve that challenge or problem, whatever that complex issue has been. Our business intelligence tool will put that accurate financial information to enable you to make those financial decisions in real-time.


We bring you a four-time award-winning business intelligence tool with robust features that combine to create a complete reporting and forecasting platform for your business.

  • Integrations:Integrate with leading accounting systems and Excel

  • Reporting: powerful management reporting tool designed to help you make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes.

  • Forecasting: Excellent budgeting and cash flow forecasting can mean the difference between business success and failure. Forecasting is an ‘all-in-one’ budget creator, three-way forecasting, and scenario builder.

  • Dashboard: The dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what matters—a tremendous entry-level experience.

  • Multi: For Franchises, Not-for-Profits, and industry specialists, Multi allows you to aggregate, rank, and benchmark. Multi is a specialist tool that takes the struggle out of creating multi-entity reports where comparisons are essential.

Download a sample report

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