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As an Audit firm our audit is a systematic inspection and examination of the company accounts, vouchers, and documents by an independent body to ascertain how the financial statement of the company is presented in a true and fair matter as required by the law. The audit can benefit a company in the following:

  • Detect & Prevent Errors or Fraud

  • Ease business Sales

  • Maintaining the accounts in the company

  • Obtaining a Loan

  • Determine if the company generates a Profit/Loss

  • Compare the performance of the company to the previous year’s performance

  • Preparing for a growth plan

  • Increase Company Goodwill

  • Helps in Taxation

Our Auditing will examine and check the arithmetical accuracy of the accounts, verify and validate transactions, confirm the existence of assets and liabilities value, check the distinction of capital and revenue transactions, and prove that the financial statement is presented in an accurate and fair matter.

We will express our opinion on the financial position and whether the business for the period under audit represents:


  1. The unqualified opinion-clean report, Or

  2. Qualified opinion-qualified report that will require some accounting correcting action to be made from a transaction perspective. Or

  3. Disclaimer of opinion-disclaimer report means that we are distancing ourselves from providing any opinion related to the financial statements. Auditors may issue a disclaimer of opinion because they felt like the company limited their ability to conduct a thorough audit or couldn’t get satisfactory explanations for their questions. Or

  4. The adverse opinion-adverse audit report is a big RED FLAG that represents that we are not satisfied with the financial statements or discovered a high level of material misstatements or irregularities and mistrust the company’s financial reports. An adverse audit report usually indicates that financial reports contain gross misstatements and have the potential for fraud.

Auditing aims to provide stakeholders with a holistic and unbiased report on a company’s financial health, business culture, policies, procedures and operational performance. The real challenge while performing the auditing work is to remain independent, transparent and objective while cognizant of cultural sensitivities and prevailing norms. The gamut of auditing and related activities include but are not limited to Risk advisory and management, assessment of operational efficiency, compliance review of policies and procedures (e.g. Procurement).

5 Reasons to Work with Our Highly Qualified & Experienced Auditors in Abu Dhabi

As the business world is evolving continuously, the risk landscape changes and grey areas emerge quickly. One of the proven audit firms in Abu Dhabi, Assist Plus works with our clients to implement a robust, holistic and cost-effective auditing approach.


Our team has significant experience in the domestic market. Our value-added services are driven by expertise in a wide range of industries and sectors. This experience provides a cost-optimal business proposition to our clients.


At Assist Plus audit quality is our highest priority. From initiation to delivery, quality is the corner-stone of each stage of our audit methodology. As a boutique auditing company in UAE, we allocate significant time and resources to understanding the requirements of every client. We never adopt the one-size-fits-all approach. We aim to build business partnerships with our clients based on fulfilling their unique requirements through the highest quality of deliverables.


We perform our work by abiding by the highest level of ethical standards. We take great care in preserving the confidentiality of the privileged information shared with us during the audit engagements. We work with our clients to determine the scope of the proposed audit activity. Once this is done, we take full responsibility for the execution of the engagement in a manner that exceeds international best practices and standards.


We use technology as an enabler for performing our work effectively and efficiently. By leveraging the power of technology, we can deliver descriptive or prescriptive analysis that is not possible through traditional sampling approach. Our expertise in pattern recognition and root-cause analysis of exceptions through data analysis provide meaningful insights for strategic management decisions. We can do “more with less” in a cost-effective manner resulting in a real economic advantage for our customers. 


We firmly believe that effective communication is vital for any organisation, including our own! Communication protocols and procedures are agreed at every stage of our work with our clients to transfer critical information to the relevant stakeholders. We eliminate the element of surprise during our engagements as all related information is thoroughly vetted and agreed upon with the appropriate level of authority before sharing with the senior management. 

If you require the expertise of audit firms in UAE, get in touch with Assist Plus today.

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