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Why you should consider auditing your books of accounts and financial statements?

It is widely observed that the need to be conducting annual audits has increased exponentially over the years, regardless of the company's size. Audit tends to be an essential tool for all companies because it enables transparency within firms. Nevertheless, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need to consider having a holistic idea about their internal operations to evaluate their strategy and possible areas of improvement.
Companies must consider auditing their financial statements and their operations, regardless of the size, this increasing emphasis on ensuring that all the stakeholder interests are duly protected when it comes to companies functioning. Hence annual audits conducted by an independent third party such as Assist Plus is the main prerequisite for your firm to obtain the in-country value certification.


Assist Plus is an independent approved audit firm by the UAE Ministry of Economy ref. no. 1019.  Our commitment is to provide our clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the other emirates with the highest transparency and confidentiality external audit services. 


Our certified auditors hold years of subject matter experience in the industry and will ensure your company’s financial statements are presented accurately. You can count on us to provide accurate, reliable results every time. We know exactly what it takes to produce a top-quality audit report with our extensive knowledge and expertise. 

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