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Every business deserves a trusted tax advisor. We understand the significance tax plays on our client's wealth and place an enormous emphasis on tax planning to manage their overall tax position.

VAT Consultants Abu Dhabi

The UAE government implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) on January 1st, 2018. VAT is charged at a 5% rate on the majority of goods and services in Abu Dhabi. The VAT will give the country a new revenue stream that will be used to continue to fund top-notch public services. Additionally, it will assist the government in realizing its goal of lessening reliance on oil and other hydrocarbons as a source of income.


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states that adopt VAT, International transportation, the supply of crude oil and natural gas, the initial collection of residential real estate, and some particular sectors, such as health care, and education, are all subject to the 0% VAT rate in Abu Dhabi.

Assist Plus provides expert VAT consultants Abu Dhabi service. Our VAT consultancy in Abu Dhabi services are very equipped in the aspect of value added tax. Assist Plus is one of the registered vat consultants abu dhabi authorized by the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

TAN 30003628. As a leading VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi we offer a range of VAT related services such as:

  1. Agents and representation

  2. Registration

  3. Compliance review

  4. Filing & declaration

  5. Refund and waiver services

Being a registered Vat Consultant in Abu Dhabi - Assist Plus can help you register for VAT, brief you on how Vat is collected, and on which businesses VAT does apply. Moreover, we can also assist you in filing a VAT return and discuss when businesses are required to file VAT returns.

Criteria for Registering VAT in Abu Dhabi

If a company's annual taxable imports and supplies total more than AED 375,000, it must register for VAT. For companies with annual supplies and imports of more than AED 187,500, it is optional. A company pays the government the tax it receives from its clients. The government also reimburses it for the tax it pays to its suppliers at the same time.


Additionally, foreign companies can get their VAT back when they travel to the UAE.


Businesses that are registered for VAT, or "taxable persons," are required to file a "VAT return" to the Federal Tax Authority after each tax period (FTA).

Assist Plus - Abu Dhabi's top Vat Consultants can provide you with expert advice on VAT Calculation, VAT filing, and VAT processing procedures.

Get Expert VAT Consultancy in Abu Dhabi

At Assist Plus, our team tax advisors will work with you to help manage your company's shift to the regulatory framework, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal impairment and cost to your logistics and operations. 


As your VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi, we will work with you to identify goods and services for which VAT is applicable and assist you in claiming back VAT for goods and services exempt from the VAT. 

Our VAT services allow businesses to fully comply with UAE's new legislation and financial framework while implementing a streamlined and scalable process within their organizations.

At Assist Plus, our team tax advisors will work with you to help manage your company's shift to the regulatory framework, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal impairment and cost to your logistics and operations. 

VAT's Implications on Individuals

The bulk of transactions for goods and services will be subject to VAT, which is a general consumption tax. There may only be a few waivers given.

As a result, the cost of living is probably going to go up a little bit, however, this will depend on a person's lifestyle and spending habits. An individual is unlikely to experience a considerable rise in spending if they focus primarily on items that are exempt from VAT. The government will enact regulations requiring firms to be upfront about the amount of VAT a customer must pay for each transaction. People can make purchasing decisions based on this knowledge.

 VAT's Implications on Enterprises

Businesses will be in charge of meticulously documenting their revenue, expenses, and related VAT levies.

All clients of registered companies and traders will be charged VAT at the current rate for the goods and services they purchase from suppliers. The difference is either claimed back or given to the government.

As the Best VAT Consultants in Abu Dhabi, our team of experts can help you with everything related to VAT in Abu Dhabi. Visit us and get a free 30 minutes consultation on VAT.

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