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Assist Plus real estate property, enterprise and assets valuation services

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Assist Plus valuation services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Assist Plus is recognised by the Abu Dhabi municipality, Abu Dhabi department of economy, Dubai real estate regulation authority (RERA). Our team are internationally certified and registered valuers of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor. 

Why do you need a Business Valuation?

It provides facts and figures on your company's actual worth and value in terms of market competition, asset values, and income values.

  1. Better Knowledge of Company Assets

  2. Understanding of Company Resale Value

  3. Obtain a True Company Value

  4. Better During Mergers/Acquisitions

  5. Access to More Investors

Once your business' valuation has been proved, you can set goals to develop the company's value over the next year. Then, every year, you should set time aside to compare the previous years' valuations to measure growth, losses and notice where room for improvement is. There are three main types of valuations, and companies should take advantage of the opportunity to complete all three annually.

Assist Plus offers a list of valuation services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that includes Real estate property valuation, Plant & Machinery valuation, Business valuation and Automotive valuation.


Real estate property valuation


Plant & Machinery valuation

Business valuation

Automotive valuation

Knowing what every component of your business is worth is invaluable information for business owners to have.


We conduct our assets valuation and advisory services for:

- Acquisitions & Disposals

- Financial Reporting

- Corporate Insolvency & Liquidations

- Insurance

- Legal Disputes

- Market valuations/assessments

- Mergers & Demergers

- Bank Finance

We are offering a broad assessment and evaluation advisory to Clients.

All measurements are carried out following the RICS Property Measurement Professional Statement 2nd Edition as issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, where applicable, taking into consideration the current market practices within the United Arab Emirates. 

A team of the internationally certified and registered valuer, members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor, real estate regulation authority (RERA), Capable to conduct property valuations across Emirates, all GCC Countries 

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