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Assist Plus VAT consultancy services.

Assist Plus is one of the registered TAX agents, authorized by the FTA the UAE Federal Tax Authority.

TAN 30003628. As a leading Tax consultant in UAE we offer a range of VAT related services such as:​

  1. VAT registration services

  2. VAT consultancy services

  3. VAT review services 

  4. VAT declaration and FTA communication

  5. VAT waiver services

How Does Vat Affect my Business in UAE?

According to the UAE Government, VAT will apply to a majority of transactions in goods and services, with only a limited number of services and goods being exempt. To date, some of these exemptions have been named as being some real estate transactions, some transaction types related to sharing dealing, education and basic/preventative healthcare to name a few. This will require businesses of all sizes to maintain accurate financial records that enable them to inform the Federal Tax Authority of their company's financial position at any given time. Tax charged to customers for services rendered must be cited on invoices and collected and then repaid to the Federal Tax Authority.

For some businesses who are already maintaining their financial records and books at a high standard, this will be a minor consideration, for others, it will represent a paradigm shift in their internal accounting/bookkeeping practices. In addition to this, the accrual and management of VAT collected by companies and the legal framework surrounding claiming back VAT from the Federal Tax Authority will represent an operational and logistical challenge to all businesses. 

Our VAT Consultants in Abu Dhabi Will Enable You to Implement a Seamless Transition


At Assist Plus, our team of highly experienced accountants, auditors and business advisors will work with you to assist and manage your company's transition to the new VAT regulatory framework, ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible with minimal impairment and cost to your logistics and operations. As your tax consultants in Abu Dhabi, we will work together with you to identify goods and services for which VAT is applicable and assist you in claiming back VAT for goods and services that are exempt from the VAT. We are one of the trusted tax consulting firms in Abu Dhabi providing thorough and detail-oriented VAT consultancy services that allow businesses to fully comply with UAE’s new legislation and financial framework while implementing a streamlined and scalable process within their organisations.